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As a Full-stack / Front-end developer my very first task is to create an excellent solution for my costumers and my own projects.



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What old colleagues say about me...

After more than 10 years in the IT market those are some opinions of my collages and bosses.

Customer Testimonial Image Jonas Warrer

Managing Director of Media Gaming Innovation Group / Rebel Penguin

Eduardo will be an asset for any company that employs him – in particular tech companies with a multitude of cultures - and he has my highest recommendations. If you have any questions with regards to Eduardo’s background and qualifications please do not hesitate to contact me.
Customer Testimonial Image Sarah Braun

Backend Developer – GiG

He can work entirely independently, but also in close cooperation. He has shown that he can deliver a viable product with minimal requirements, substituting what’s missing, as well as following extensive requirements closely.
Customer Testimonial Image Sergi Torres

Xarxa de Transmissions Santiago

Eduardo has been always a focused individual, with the will and focus to learn everything we required from him. The energy he always brought to the workplace was also very valued, and from a personal perspective, he is a person which is a pleasure to work with..
Customer Testimonial Image Naveen Kumar Vasudevan

Team Lead - GIG

Eduardo Inerarte has exceptional frontend skills, and was our lead frontend developer. Eduardo Inerarte had also been assigned to the lead the outsourcing team in Kosovo that handles our legacy sites and he did a commendable job there.

About me!

I am committed to giving my best in everything I do both as an employee and in my personal pursuits. If you ask my colleagues, family, and friends, they will say that I'm reliable and hard-working.

  • sports_kabaddi

    Team working

    I enjoy being part of a team, and find it to be a positive experience when working with ideas from my colleagues as well as contributing some of my own.

  • engineering

    Perpetual Personal Suparation

    Working with new technologies and ideas; try new ways of doing things is something that always motivates me.

  • how_to_reg

    Fast and Robust development.

    I preferred to keep my applications simple, beautiful and easy to work for the end-user. Always trying to design the most user-friendly solution for my costumers. Those rules are in my mind when I start a new project.

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Work Experiences


01/08/2022 - Present day

Senior Frontend developer

Resights Aps, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: Vue2/3, Nuxt2/3, Node js, and Vuetify.


01/08/2020 - 01/07/2022

Senior Frontend developer

Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: HTML5, CCS3, Vuejs, and Vuetify.


01/2/2020 - 30/09/2020

Senior Frontend developer

Wunderman Nordic, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: HTML5,CCS3, SCSS, Bootstrap 4, VueJS, C#


01/12/2017 - 30/01/2020

Lead Frontend Developer

GIG Media Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: PHP, MySql, JQuery, HTML5, CCS3, Bootstrap 3/4, Drupal 7/8, October CMS and Laravel



Frontend Developer

Rebel Penguins Aps, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: PHP, MySql, JQuery, HTML5, CCS3, Bootstrap 3/4, Drupal 7/8, October CMS and Laravel



Full Stack Developer

Rebel Penguins Aps, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Developing with: PHP, MySql, JQuery, HTML5, CCS3, Bootstrap 3, Drupal,October CMS and Laravel




Plan Denmark, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Registering documents in systems and screening documents for errors at the Sponsorship department



Full Stack Developer

Viruta Studio Creativo, Pinar Del Río (Cuba)

Developing with: PHP, MySql, Ext Js. 4.0, PostgreSql, JQuery, HTML5, CCS3, Bootstrap 3, Drupal, Joomla



Full Stack Developer

I & D Agency, GEOCUBA, Pinar del Río (Cuba)

Developing with: PHP, MySql, Ext Js. 3.0, PostgreSql, JQuery, ArKit 2.0, and Bootstrap 2



Full Stack Developer

Provincial Office ONEI, Pinar Del Rio (Cuba)

Developing with: PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CCS, Ext Js. 2.0, Drupal and Joomla



Full Stack Developer - Junior Developers Manager

Project “National Library”. UCI, Habana (Cuba)

Developing with: Drupal 5.28, HTML, CCS, PHP and MYSQL

What can I do for you?

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Design & Frontend

Every business is unique; that’s why I believe it's essential you have a website that is unique and isn’t a generic website that leaves visitors feeling underwhelmed.

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Backend & DevOps

Equally as important as design is the functionality of your new website, I’ll ensure your website is built with your needs and goals in mind, helping you to grow your business.


I'm a skilled and creative Front-end developer, looking for a challenging position creating useful software. I'm eager to work with new ideas and technologies, to create high quality solutions and make the web a better place.

I enjoy difficult problems as they give me an opportunity to demonstrate my flexibility and the ability to observe the projects from another angle in order to come to a solution.

My whole career I’ve been working with web-based solutions for different companies. In the beginning of my career, I was working as a full stack developer and therefor I was able to learn about the whole process. But after some years working as a full stack developer, I found out that my passion lays in frontend development. I’m using my skills as a full stack developer on a daily basis – mostly to understand and communicate with the backend.

In my homeland( I am from Cuba), I worked in GEOCUBA where I made 5 applications and a framework(ArtKit) with two colleagues. In May 2014 I started my own project, Viruta Estudio Creativo, where I created systems for different Cuban companies like Radio Guamá and Guerrillero.

Now I am working in Resights Aps as a Senior Fromtend Developer. My main task is to develop Resights web apps. We use really nice tool like VueJs 2/3, NuxtJs 2/3, Pinia/Vuex, Typescript and many others.

If you wanna know a bit more about my skill, please take a look to my CV below :)